Weekly Roundup – 2014/03/20

Shows discussed: Mikakunin de Shinkoukei; NoragamiSpace Dandy.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei (Engaged to the Unidentified) – 11

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei 11

I have a feeling that there was many things happening in this episode, but not really much going on. While the first half was purely comedy-oriented, it was not an outstandingly fresh or anything. Nevertheless, it was good enough, with some better moments in between, to build up for the proper (subjectively) part of the show – Kobeni’s and Hakuya’s and their child’s–Mashiro’s date. It was better. Plot itself moved forward, escaped from the static framework the first half created. What I didn’t like though was how the few serious, Kobeni/Hakuya’s scenes were contrasted with the usual silliness. It was rather dissonant, neither funny nor serious, lying awkwardly somewhere in the middle.

How bad must’ve been that scar? I guess it had to have messed up his eye. Or they were grossly overreacting.

Tsundere alien, seriously. I loved their reactions. Quite a commentary on how people react to Mikakunin itself.

Noragami – 11

Noragami 11

I was expecting this episode to delve right into some action, to build up the intensity for the finale next week. Instead, it took its time to develop, and while we’ve seen some fighting scenes here, it’s clear that the main purpose of the episode was to build some basing for Yato’s and Yukine’s actions in the future.

However, I can’t say I’m disappointed – the show was really nice, suggestive, and the plot had this ‘polished’ feel to it. What worked really well was that every scene the mood seemed to change. The story was somewhat touching itself, but I’d rather point on these skillfully created atmosphere swings as to why the show was emotionally moving.

I’m seriously worried about the next episode though. I sure hope they will be able to create an adequate ending of the series, tying the loose ends, but we’ll se how that goes.

Space Dandy – 11

Space Dandy 11

I was left speechless.

There are so many things that worked well this episode. In some way it’s similar to 9th episode, the one with planet of plants. While I didn’t like that one, this week’s story of a planet of books that gather knowledge by having adventures was a blast. The concept itself is fresh – maybe it was used somewhere, but I can’t recall anything like that from the top of my head. The execution was fantastic.

Perhaps the different style of visuals were result of lower budget or something – it seems reasonable given the last week’s top-notch art. Nevertheless, it worked great, both in a purely perception/enjoyability aspect, and story-wise as well. The whole story was just a memory, or maybe a scribble to write in a book. Great.

There was Scarlett, but I still want to see more of her. QT got a scene to herself. Dr Gel and Bea were on the screen half of the time. It’s amazing how their, Gel’s and Dandy’s, stories intertwine, and yet Dandy is still nearly oblivious of that.

The whole plot was just like Douglas Adams’ absurd novels. I very much appreciated that.

Go watch it ASAP if you haven’t already.

Sadly, that was all I was able to write this week. It doesn’t mean I’m dropping all these shows I used to write about – but I’m going out-of-town this week, and there’s no way I’ll be able to catch up as soon as I wish I could. That being said, I’ll try to write some kind of end thoughts (rather summaries than reviews) next week and week after that. Most of all, I want to write a proper review of Chuunibyou.


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