Weekly Roundup – 2014/02/22

Shows discussed: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren; Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha; Kill la Kill; Mikakunin de Shinkoukei; Noragami; Sakura Trick; Space Dandy; Witch Craft Works.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren – 07

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Is Chuunibyou back on the right track?

I’m so glad we finally see some character development here. At last, Shichimiya takes a more major part in the story, serving here not only as an excuse for retrospective scenes, but as a catalyst for Rikka’s feelings towards Yuuta. Even though I still wish for her to become a more important factor on her own – but I doubt there’s actually a chance for that to happen. I just dislike how is her character being used in the show – occasionally, as sort of a last resort card to push plot further on. On the second thought, I guess it’s not just her issue – anyone but Yuuta and Rikka are somewhat similar in that way.

Anyhow! Not only we’ve seen more Shichimiya, but also Dekomori’s opinion of Nibutani seems to start changing. I know it’s actually a reversion of a reversion from the end of fourth episode, but unless they’re going to revert (duh) it once again, their relationship might finally evolve. I’m looking forward to that.

It also seems that even if there was something going on between Nibutani and Yuuta, it’s gone now. Was there anything to begin with?

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha – 06

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha

We’ve seen it coming. Sumizome makes up with Maru, and with no more quarrels on its way the show goes back to going nowhere. Out of all relationships portrayed in Inari, only Sumizome’s crush on Sanjou gets some attention. It should also prove interesting in the future to observe Uka’s feelings towards Touka evolve. However, as it is now, this series seems to be stalling…

As silly as it may seem, I think that Touka’s character is not developed enough for his interactions with others – especially with Uka, who we have already got to know pretty well. Their very relationship feels flat and not genuine; I know that we’ve seen why he can’t handle Uka, but honestly? I don’t buy it.

Kill la Kill – 19

Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill has its slower moments – this is one of them. Although I’m sure next episode will be a blast, I feel a little let down this week, mainly due to the one month narrative jump. I wish that instead of this we got some insight: in how exactly Elite Four and Nudist Beach teamed up, what have they been doing in the meantime, so on – I’m picky, sorry!

The idea of Mankanshoku family separated, with Mako devoured by a COVER, Matarou in the ruins of Honnou – this might’ve been just as well further cultivated. It seems a waste to advance the story in such a dramatic way and not really exploit it. However, it’s just like it has been in the episode where Mankanshoku’s have suddenly become rich – it ended after just one episode. Kill la Kill was quickly reset to its starting point, so I guess it’s just how TRIGGER’s writing works.

It’s good though. Foundations for a solid next episode have been laid, it’s just a matter of picking things up. I’m most intrigued in how the Ryuko’s sudden hatred for life fibers will be resolved, will this issue be settled right in the next episode? I hope for some further exploration of this topic, I mean: after all, Ryuko’s a human – life fibre chimera, there’s got to be something to delve into, story-wise. I can’t wait for it.

Also, yesss, Mako and Gamagoori!

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei (Engaged to the Unidentified) – 07

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

It’s getting better and better. Latest episode was probably the most school-oriented we’ve seen so far, and focused on previously undeveloped characters to help liven up the show.

It starts with Suetsugi (students’ council member we’ve seen now and then in the background) jealousy towards Mashiro for Benio’s attention. She asks Niko (has she been actually introduced before this episode?) for help, who decides to spy on Mashiro. This situation then evolves into a show of severe misunderstandings, all in the name of our amusement.

I’m glad that this week has been not only rich in comedy, but there was an actual development emerging from this very Suetsugi’s arc. Bringing more characters to viewers’ attention sure helped, main cast of Kobeni, Benio, Mashiro and Hakuya was alrady growing stale. There’s also a twist in the plot – there are more mikakunins than we thought there are… I’m only concerned about Kobeni and Hakuya’s romance, which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Noragami – 07

I love how he's shown in this frame. Pale, alien, with eyes even more angry than usual.

I love how Yukine is shown in this frame. Pale, alien, with eyes even more red than usual.

Bishamon has clearly become a main factor in Noragami. She and her shinki, Kazuma, did push a story at the beginning of the episode, later to be continued with more focus on Yukine and Nora.

We are given quite a bit of background on side characters here – Kazuma’s bow towards Yato, from the previous episode, was indeed a hint of a larger history between them. Nora’s origin, as well as some general info of the world of Noragami, have been further explained here.

It’s satisfying to see the scope changing from the main cast of Yato, Hiyori and Yukine towards others. Their stories not only make a basis for possible future development, but also give depth to Yukine’s character. I really like that, storytelling is definitely one of the strongest points of this episode. However, we still haven’t seen an actual, solid advancement of the story – there are bits scattered here and there, but still waiting to be used.

What’s furthermore disappointing is the fact that Yukine’s grudge against Yato still feels very childish. Neither of their characters is portrayed as badly as we wish it was; there is no new reasoning for Yukine’s resentment introduced.

There hasn’t really been much action this week, and instead of that we got more comedy than usual. However, at times it felt just dry and overused. Fighting scene at the end of the episode felt somewhat pushed and, if not for the slight plot development, unnecessary.

Sakura Trick – 07

Sakura Trick

The fanservice is strong with this one.

This episode did, however, manage to push the relationships quite a bit. Both Kotone and Shizuku’s, and of course Haruka and Yuu’s got some attention; Mitsuki was fantasizing just like every other week; and we were introduced to Kotone’s younger sister, Shinobu.

Oh, and Kotone’s turning more and more dominative. A lash? Yes, please, Sakura Trick could use some of that. And either calling an older sister oneesama is really more popular than I thought it was, or is there more of Mikakunin de Shinkoukei‘s Benio to Kotone’s character? I know it might be a far-fetched assumption, but… Loli-lovers of the world, unite!

At this moment it’s pretty clear that Kaede is into Yuzu, however, her affection doesn’t seem to be mutual. Or Yuzu hides it pretty well. Whatever the outcome will be, I’m sure we’re yet to see more determined moves from either of girls.

It’s good to see Haruka and Yuu getting more open.

Space Dandy – 07

Space Dandy

Space Dandy‘s still far from self-repetition. This week we were given an opportunity to see him participate in a space race – in the name of getting Honey’s attention. It sure got mine.

Consider this: two weeks ago, the greatest selling point of the episode was the story of a young, alien girl and her search for grandfather. It was a well-executed plot, showing Dandy in a rather different than usual, multi-dimensional way. This week though, there’s no damn plot at all – and this show still rocks.

Even though the characters are just as flat as they can get, even though Prince is clearly just a paper cutout from some girls’ magazine – this doesn’t stop Space Dandy from giving us some superb gags. The race remains as a background, overall theme throughout the episode, and yet again the end of the show is an epitome of absurdity this series stands for.

Witch Craft Works – 07

Witch Craft Works

I’m slowly losing interest for this series. The comedy, which fueled my curiosity before, wasn’t working in this episode. instead, I was served a buttload of not-that-funny gags, then tripped over actual plot, which is just as puzzling as it can get. What I dislike so far the most is naivety of characters or events – Takamiya’s, Tower Witches’, imprisoning Takamiya and Kagari by her mother just to let them go as if nothing happened. I know this is the kind of humor Witch Craft Works aims for, but I guess it’s not for me.


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